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Pete Cullen

Pete Cullen

Serving Santa Cruz County & The Monterey Bay Area

Testimonials (original)

"Pete was very attentive and knowledgeable! He was very thorough and always made sure we were well informed, he returned phone calls in a timely manner and explained all our options, I Highly recommend Pete Cullen." November 29, 2015

 Top qualities: Local knowledge, Process Expertise, Responsiveness, Negotiation skills  

Viviana Marin,
hired Pete as a Real Estate Agent in 2015


" My wife and I met Pete at a open house he was selling one day. We were not interested in that house, but we really appreciated his knowledge and insight on the Santa Cruz housing market. We decided he was going to be our realtor. Pete showed us some great properties. He was very caring about the fact that we have a baby and he wasn't just trying to sell us a house. He said about a few houses I don't feel comfortable about you guys in that house with your baby. We really felt he had our best interest in mind. We found a great house and Pete negotiated a great price! I didn't think it was possible in a sellers market! He did an amazing job and was so on top of everything from start to finish and even now still checking in on us to see if we are doing good. I'll give you a few reasons to use Pete. He used to be a contractor and we found that very useful when looking at places, he was knowledgeable about pretty much everything involved with going into a house. His team he works with are equally as great and made it such a great buying experience. He has a big list of vendors of which we have used or met with everyone and recommend them all. Also Pete is a great guy and a great member of the community. We highly recommend him! " May 4, 2014

Top qualities: Local knowledge, Process Expertise, Responsiveness, Negotiation skills 



Pj Watkins,
hired Pete as a Real Estate Agent in 2014



"Pete assisted my wife and I in finding and purchasing our first home. His patient and diligent approach to the process made a big difference to us. From the very beginning to the end he was great to work with, nice to talk to, well informed, and extremely communicative. Highly recommended." October 8, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Tom Fox,
hired Pete as a Real Estate Agent in 2010


“Pete is a dedicated and hard working individual. He always works to provide the best services and client satisfaction” March 24, 2008

Top qualities: Expert, Creative

Maurice "Mo" Eckley, Jr.,
hired Pete as a General Contractor in 2004, and hired Pete more than once


“Pete is a true professional. His work product is excellent. He has a high degree of integrity and has a reputation as being a "straight shooter." A quality I look for in people I do business with or hire as an employee. I have known Pete for many years now and and know him to be inherently honest and hard working. In my business I need people who will tell me the truth and get the job done. That is Pete. I can always count on him.” June 21, 2008

Bill Ryan, Trial Attorney, Messina et al
was with another company when working with Pete at Century 21 LAD Realty


I have known Pete Cullen personally for more than five years. In addition to being a trusted friend, he has been an excellent real estate agent. He helped me find and purchase my first investment property and we are in the process of looking for another. 

His knowledge of the local market, including neighborhoods and economic conditions, in addition to his extensive construction background, has made him a valuable resource. As such, I have referred him to several family members and friends, for which he was able to find excellent properties.  

I would be pleased to recommend Pete for anyone looking for an experienced, trustworthy realtor.


Michelle Doughty


When we were ready to buy a new house and ran into Pete Cullen we realized that we had found the perfect buyer's agent.   The subsequent few months proved that assertion to be correct.

Pete is one of those rare, at least these days, people who care about genuine quality service and following up with the details.  When we started our hunt we weren't sure on the type of property or area we were looking for.  Pete was patient and we never felt any pressure from him to ‘close the deal'.  He was quite forthright when he didn't think a property was suitable and never pushy.  In the end we found the perfect place and Pete closed the transaction very quickly and easily.   Pete's background in Construction management prior to real estate is a blessing to the buyer - not only can he offer ad-hoc inspection advice, but when it comes to inevitable fix-ups or repairs he can instantly get you set up with quality contractor.

He is also somebody we now consider a friend.

Highly recommended.  Thanks Pete!

- Paul & Kristina, Aptos


“Pete is very dedicated to helping his clients find what they are looking for. He goes the extra mile: a quality I find rare and thankful to find. :)” March 24, 2008

"Pete is dedicated to helping his clients find a house that is right for them. He brings a lot of creativity and experience to the table. I'd recommended him to anyone who is serious about buying or selling property and would use his expertise in the future. "

In health,

Top qualities: Personable, Expert

Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton,
hired Pete as a Real Estate Agent in 2004, and hired Pete more than once

Rebecca4fitness Functional Fitness & Nutrition


“I have Known Pete for over 7 years.Pete has been a good client and still
is a good client of mine. Pete is dependable and honest and a genuine
person.My impressions is that Pete takes pride in making sure the work
is done correctly and satisfactory with whom ever he is doing work for.
I would not hesitate to recommend any of my clients or friends to Pete.
Frank Vitale” March 22, 2008

Frank Vitale, Owner, FRank Vitale Insurance
was a consultant or contractor to Pete at Century 21 LAD Realty


“Pete is an outstanding real estate agent. His vast knowledge base in construction, and development has proven its value time and time again. Pete is a hard worker who's unafraid of the long hours it takes to succeed, and continually strives to better serve his clients.” March 25, 2008

Charles Lynn, REALTOR, Century 21 LAD Realty
worked with Pete at Century 21 LAD Realty


“As a co-member of the Santa Cruz Leads Group, Pete has always impressed me with his knowledge and passion for both the real estate and general contracting industries. He is extremely easy to work with and conveys a sense of "calm confidence" in his business undertakings. I hope to continue to work with Pete for a long time to come.” April 25, 2008

Jefrey Gunion, Owner, GUNION DESIGN
was with another company when working with Pete at Century 21 LAD Realty


“I can't speak to Pete's real estate expertise as Pete and I haven't worked together in that capacity, but here is what I can say... I've known Pete for ten years. Where we have spent the most time together is on the bow of a sailboat. If you've never sailed, what you learn about someone in that arena is about their character. Here is what I can say about Pete: Pete's got your back. Always willing to chip in and help, he's a committed team player and a clear communicator. He approaches every situation with an intent to do thorough, quality work. Embracing any challenge that surfaces, Pete always makes the extra effort and guarantees success.

Based on my knowledge of Pete's character, I would confidently engage Pete as a real estate agent and I am positive he would do a professional job.” May 21, 2008

Doug Kliesch, Network Support Specialist, Santa Cruz County Office of Education
was with another company when working with Pete at Century 21 LAD Realty